Saturday, September 10, 2011

Products & Labels

I must say I am having some serious sewing withdrawals!!!  In the past few weeks I have been dealing with eye strain.  Hence, I can't sew as the close work gives me headaches and I can't actually see what im doing properly LOL.  I have to admit that it is completely self inflicted by using my iphone and laptop and not using my reading glasses (i wish someone had of warned me of iphone addiction lol).  However, in my defense, the glasses I was last prescribed just weren't right for my eyes.  So off I trotted to the optometrist to get a test done.  Low and behold, I have strained my eyes and need to wear glasses 'all the time' . . . wish I had of known this sooner!  So now I wait . . . . wait . . . . a little more for the text to tell me my eyes are ready.  Meanwhile, I have bags half made and material every where waiting for me to get back into my work.

I would like to share with you all though, one of the bags I made not so long ago.  I love it and there will be many more coming in various styles . . . .

Are you loving it?? . . . . I would love your feedback . .

Ok . . . . moving right along.  Now what I'm super excited about are these little babies:

My new bag labels!!! Woohoo . . .have arrived. I ordered them a few weeks ago and have been waiting for them with much anticipation.  300 of them infact!

So . . . Welcome to Clare Marion - unique bag designs!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where I'm at . . . .

So many things to do and its been busy busy in my sewing corner.  Drawing up designs, drafting out and creating with as much love as possible.  A little while ago I bought myself a sketch book and every time I have an idea out it comes and I sketch it out as best as possible . . . then comes the trying to put it together.  Hence, I still have quite a few sketches in my book! LOL I just haven't got to them yet.

I was lucky enough to be in town the other week (looking for a job I might add) and wandered into one of the fashion boutiques.  We got to chatting and I happened to mention to her that I make bags.  I was pretty excited when she said that she would love to see my work to possibly put in her store and she is interested in getting some 'handmade' bags placed in the store alongside some of the other handmade lines.  Well . . . I came home with a very large smile on my face.  I've since thrown a couple of my own tote designs together and one of my messenger bags along with another new design which needs some tweaking before it moves forward.

Aside all this creating and sewing I have been working on the creation of my new business "Clare Marion".  It is all in the early stages and I am yet to get my website up and running - when I figure out how it is done! (if you have any tips on this I'd love to hear from you)  But what is really exciting is . . . . my new bag labels are on there way.  I went through an etsy shop to have them made up and they should be shipping them out to me this week.  Super exciting and I just can't wait to start sewing them into my bags and getting them out there - I promise when I get them I will upload some piccies of them in all their glory.  My business cards have been designed and they are next on the list.

creating and drafting . . .

My two latest Totes . . . ready for market!
My messenger bag  - so cute and convenient!

So . . . this is just some of what I have been working on and much much more.  The ideas just keep flowing . . . just need more hours in the day and a bigger bank balance to shop shop shop!!

Till next time . . . take care all :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Going Janome . . .

Well, today was such an exciting day for me!! . . . it was the first day of sewing with my brand new Janome sewing machine . . . and she purr's like a kitten!!  I love that it's so shiny, smooth and silent . . . oh and did I mention its digital!  Ahhh . . . modern technology LOL

It was so fantastic to thread new bobbins, play, enjoy some stress free sewing and finish off some products that had been waiting patiently for the 'goods' to arrive.

Now that I have this little girl at my finger tips, I can get cracking on some serious sewing!

Ciao for now ...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The 'Nina' - Messenger Bag.

Hi folks ~ I don't know about you but I am absolutely loving season 2 of the television show 'Offspring'!   From the clothes and accessories to the quirky narrative of Nina . . . the poor confused Nina, it is just so much fun to watch.

When I started compiling this mess bag yesterday afternoon, I had no idea what was going to come of it.  I went into it without a plan and came out with something I love.

It's just so . . . . well . . . Nina!

Let me know what you think peeps . . . 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beautiful days

What a fabulous and joyful day it has been today!!  I awoke this morning to glorious blue skies and warm sun showering everything in sight - what a way to start the day!  I even allowed my body an extra hour of rejuvenation under the warm covers before meeting with the days tasks.

Speaking of tasks . . . . with the weather so beautiful I took to some gardening.  We have a small garden area at the back of where I live, however, its has become a little taken over by the plants that are growing in there and have been untended for quite some time.  I started with a little trim here . . . and a little trim there, but before I knew it I was enjoying myself so much I decided to completely remove the plants which were past their time and make way for some new ones.  I now have an area of my garden which has all my plants and herbs nestled in so they can too have the beautiful morning sun.  It's so lovely to see them all together.

I must say that was the absolute highlight of my day . . . and great to be in the sunshine and fresh air.

What was the highlight of your day today?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Something beautiful Sunday

Why not enjoy something lovely! . . . and in appreciation of another beautiful Sunday of blue skies, a little craft and some relaxation, I put together some piccies for you all to enjoy.  I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sewing for the generations

Yesterday afternoon I took some time to give my daughter her first lesson in Sewing.  Her face lit up when I told her the lesson would be sewing a button onto fabric.

After a very short burst of frustration from her "the needle won't thread mum", she soon got the hang of it and we were away.  It didn't take her long at all before she had finished, and chosen another button to have a go at.

It is such a great way to teach girls a sense of accomplishment, to concentrate on the task at hand and the joy of seeing their handiwork complete.  Not to mention the opportunity for us to spend quality time together bonding over a pasttime craft that women and been engaging in for centuries.  For years Mothers have enjoyed teaching their daughters the art of sewing and its a wonderful and necessary skill for them to take into their womanhood.

    She was all smiles and so proud of her efforts.

 What a fabulous job she has done!!!

 and from here we will move onto running stitch . . .

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Action stations

Yesterday was a busy day . . . action stations all around!!  I made great headway on this new bag and i'm so pleased with how it is coming together.  From morning to afternoon ploughing away stopping only for a quick bite to eat, so energised with passion for creating.  Know wonder I was so tired last night LOL.  And i'm already getting ideas for a new design.  

Tomorrow will be spent finishing this one off and on to making a few more of this particular design and most likely one of my other designs.

Can't wait to show you when it's finished . . . but here's a little looky.

Today however was a bit of a different sort of day.  The plan was to get my grocery shopping done, after all it's Wednesday and Wednesday is my 'do everything' day.  But it all came to a grinding halt when my little jellybean stopped!!  Now when I say jellybean, I'm referring to my little red car.  Whom has been struggling with her health for quite some time now, yet pushing herself right to her limits to get me from A to B. 

I was not long into my journey into town this morning when after a sudden chug chug smoke literally billowed out from all angles of my car and I pulled her over to the side of the road, for what was the last time I would drive here anywhere.  An hour later the tow truck arrives and we are whisked off to my mechanic who issued her a death certificate.  Her final destination . . . the scrap yard tomorrow.

one of the only photo's I can find of jellybean a couple of years ago

  I will miss you my little Jellybean . . . we have travelled far and seen many things together.

  RIP my Jellybean!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day of progress

Off to a busy day around here today.  Now that I have designed a new bag and written up the pattern, today will be filled with placing pieces, cutting, lining and all the preparation for this particular design.  Fingers crossed that I may get to begin the construction on it . . . . however with a seven year old . . . time will tell.  Might be a dvd afternoon so I can crack this baby open and get on with it!!!!

I would love to share something beautiful with you.  This is a photo I took a little while back now that I just adore . . . the colours are just so vivid and inspiring.  Enjoy!

May creativity and wonder fill you day . . .

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bags are in the house!!!

I'm proud to announce that my Market Totes are officially 'In Store'.

These tote bags are perfect for that trip to the produce markets . . .  to be filled with lots of yummy healthy winter goodies - fresh vegetable and herbs!!! Or a simple trip to the store for your necessities.

They are a fabulous multipurpose tote.  I have two and find them so handy for everything.  Take a look and visit my Etsy Store if you would like to purchase one for yourself.

Fun and adorable!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Quilting

Quite a few of my hours last night were spent sewing my quilt panels together. . . . while listening to some of my favourite tunes of course.  This piece is just the centre and im yet to decide what im putting around the outside and in what pattern.  That requires another trip to spot light!!

Super happy with its progress . . .

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flush zip pockets

Today I decided to step my sewing up a notch and work on mastering the flush zip pocket.   I'm so glad I gave this a go because it really isn't that hard at all.  Once you have got the technique down pat . . . . just think of how you can use this.  I'm already integrating it into my new bag designs.  Every technique I learn brings me closer to my dream of my own design line.

If you want to learn this technique, you can find it in Lisa Lam's book The Bag Making Bible.  Along with many other beauties . . . .

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bags of bags

Here's just a sneak peek at the beginning's of some new bags coming to my sale list....

before starting my next run of bags, I played with a little project and made myself a new grocery bag.  It was lots of fun and will definately come in handy!

 now hanging in my kitchen!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Block Quilt

I'm so excited I have finally started my very first quilt!!!  I'm starting with a basic block quilt with some of my favourite fabrics I have here at home - however, a trip to spotlight is inevitable . . . . i'm running out lol.

I decided when I started this quilt to not use a pattern and go with my creative imagination . . . whatever comes to mind is what I will make.  It may be simple or it may not . . . but i'm going to roll with it and see what comes about!

So far I have made up three blocks and joined them up to create a panel.  I'm planning on joining it with a panel of the same design however they will sit opposite to each other.  I will have to show you what I mean when I have sewn that section together.

This is what I have so far . . .

I'm loving the centrepiece for this panel

This is the first panel I put together

The colours of this panel the complement the centre so well!

And just last night I put these panels together, joined with a simple floral fabric.  So all up the centre of my quilt will consist of two of these long panels, with much more to come.  I am yet to decide whether im going to add a piece down the middle of them or simple sew them together as is.  Time will tell . . . .

Till next time . . . . Happy Sewing!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

yet another knitting bag

It's cute's convenient . . . it's one of my mini tote bags! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tribute to my Millie

There has been so many changes in my world lately and due to that I must admit that there hasnt been alot of humming coming from my sewing room. A couple of days ago I met the difficult challenge of rehoming my beautiful dog Millie. It was such a hard thing to do . . . I just love her so much and I miss her enormously. I will soon be back at work full time and leaving her in the yard alone day after day is not right for her. Thankfully the universe provided the most beautiful family for her to be loved by and to love.

But it doesn't stop my tears . . . .

A tribute to my beautiful girl . . . . I miss you so much baby!!

You are forever in my heart . . . and I will never forget you x

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, lovely Sunday . . .

Today was such a great day!  Starting out with a turning back of the clocks last night for the end of daylight savings, I was given the gift of a little sleep in for my sunday morning.  Ahhh bliss.  I was welcomed to a new day with a delicious breakfast of  bacon and egg cooked by my mum. What a start to the day.  Thanks mum!

And on that note I decided that it was such a beautiful day, we should spend it out of the house in the sunshine and fresh air.  So I went about packing a nice picnic lunch, blanket in hand, family in the car and my little pooch Millie all excited for walkies . . .

After about a twenty minute drive to a lovely little tourist town called Huskisson, we took to the bike path for a walk before lunch.  Not long after we found out perfect picnic spot and down with the blanket.  It has the most beautiful beaches and scenery and its always so peaceful yet fun.

a blanket with a sea view, what more could you ask for

my beautiful pooch Millie, road testing her brand new walking harness . . . I think she feels snazzy!!

enjoying the moment . . .

and a new lead . . . what a spoilt pooch Millie is

and it looks like someone else thoroughly enjoyed herself, it was smiles all around.

even mummy had the chance to relax with a cup of tea and soak up some nature.

There was walking, riding the scooter, playing in the park, walking along the beach, laughs and giggles.  Its no wonder the dog has been asleep all afternoon and is still out for it on the couch.

A Perfect Sunday!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Designer Lapcloths

Over the past week and a half I have found myself shackled to my sewing room only coming up for a little air and food every now and then . . . not alot else has been getting done.  Not that i'm complaining about not doing housework lol

The reason for my hibination is that i've been madly working on a new design of Lapcloth for all the spinners out there!  and anyone else who may use them for their crafting.  I'm super excited to soon be placing these in my Etsy store.

French Blue is my first addition to A Krafty Catch on Etsy.  More gorgeous designs will soon be added to my french inspired collection.

its so pretty!!

In the spinning industry lapcloths need to be hardy, therefore, I have made these with cotton drill each side.  One side white and one side black to allow for wool contrast.  A spinner needs to see what they are spinning . . . and carding.

As one of my early designs, I created this one framed on three sides. (kindly donated to my mum)

I'm completely inlove with this fabric!!

Well . . . its back to 'The Hub' for me, tons of sewing to do!!

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stylish Whiteboard Tutorial

I owe this idea to another blogger . . . except I can't actually remember where I saw it.  When I rediscover who it was I will pay credit to them here.

Ok ... so the idea is to spunk up the boring white board with some juicy fabric.  I know I didn't want a unattractive white board staring at me in my kitchen, study or sewing room so I thought this was just a fabulous idea!

First of all choose yourself some deliciously attractive fabric that you like to look at.  Just remember when choosing your fabric that it needs to be a colour that allows your black whiteboard marker to stand out.  I purchased half a metre of fabric for my project and it was plenty (depending on the size of your frame of course).  You will also need some craft glue, scissors and a couple of books (or something heavy) to weight it down.

I went with a lovely tropical blue and white quilting material - so pretty!  Then you need to get yourself a picture frame.  This can be absolutely anything of your choice.  Any colour or size is suitable.  I got mine in a discount store for about $10 and I really liked the white frame.

This project is really so simple . . . so lets get started.

Turn your frame upside down, undo the clasps at the back and take out the backing board. Remove any card inside the frame and discard or keep for another project. You are going to be attaching your fabric to this board.  So once you have taken the board out the rest will look like this:

  This is the front of your whiteboard.

Now that your backing board is removed, place it onto your piece of fabric like so . . .

At this point you may want to trim your fabric down a little so your not folding too much over.  So trim your edges and your corners.

Once you have trimmed all your edges start to run some glue along the edge of the board ready for the fabric

 I used an all purpose craft glue

 do this along one edge at a time then fold your fabric over so its firm. Hold it for a minute with your fingers. You can then place your weights to hold it firm longer.  I left each side for a good 20 minutes to make sure it had set enough.

I just used a thick book for this and it worked well.

continue all the way around until your board looks like this.  Gluing and tucking your corners.  You will need to leave this to dry for a while - I left mine overnight.

Once your glue is completely dry place your board (with fabric on it) back into the frame

press it down into the frame to fit and resecure it.  Don't forget to put your little metal hook that it hangs from back in aswell.

Flip over and Your Done!!!

Get yourself some whiteboard markers, a cloth or duster and you have the coolest white board in town.

I just loved this simple little project and I will be making more.  It's so versatile and fun!!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:)