Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, lovely Sunday . . .

Today was such a great day!  Starting out with a turning back of the clocks last night for the end of daylight savings, I was given the gift of a little sleep in for my sunday morning.  Ahhh bliss.  I was welcomed to a new day with a delicious breakfast of  bacon and egg cooked by my mum. What a start to the day.  Thanks mum!

And on that note I decided that it was such a beautiful day, we should spend it out of the house in the sunshine and fresh air.  So I went about packing a nice picnic lunch, blanket in hand, family in the car and my little pooch Millie all excited for walkies . . .

After about a twenty minute drive to a lovely little tourist town called Huskisson, we took to the bike path for a walk before lunch.  Not long after we found out perfect picnic spot and down with the blanket.  It has the most beautiful beaches and scenery and its always so peaceful yet fun.

a blanket with a sea view, what more could you ask for

my beautiful pooch Millie, road testing her brand new walking harness . . . I think she feels snazzy!!

enjoying the moment . . .

and a new lead . . . what a spoilt pooch Millie is

and it looks like someone else thoroughly enjoyed herself, it was smiles all around.

even mummy had the chance to relax with a cup of tea and soak up some nature.

There was walking, riding the scooter, playing in the park, walking along the beach, laughs and giggles.  Its no wonder the dog has been asleep all afternoon and is still out for it on the couch.

A Perfect Sunday!!!