About me

I thought it was hide time I shared a little info about me...

As you can see by my blog I love to sew and create.  I like to keep it flexible...to me versatility is wisdom!

The most of my time is spread between my 7 year old daughter, sewing and studying.  I have one dog - Millie - she is a poodle terrier X (and im sure there is some samoyed in there too) which I rescued from homelessness.  She is an absolute sweetheart....my angel!!  I don't know how anyone could toss and animal out.  My other furry friend is my cat Jasper, he has been with us for about 3 years after we took him home from a shelter as a kitten.  Well, what can I say about Jass, except he is a complete tart - But we adore him!

Me.... well you could say that i'm a pretty complex person lol and I think most who know me would certainly agree - often feeling like a well of ideas desperately wanting to escape mind to paper...or in my case fabric LOL. I am a Scorprio so intuition and psychic ability comes naturally.  Proving very handy in todays world!

I am an absolute lover of quotes and breathe symbolism.  An advocate of purpose and meaning!  I'm always wanting to unturn a new stone and discover what makes other tick......what inspires them and motivates them.  I'm  also in love with nature and if I had my way every household would be the proud owners of  an organic vegie garden oozing with goodness and participating in the wellbeing of our beautiful planet.

Now... I'm relatively new to the world of sewing, however, have dabbled with clothes for my daughter here and there over the years.  You could certainly say that I now have the 'sewing bug'.  I love to challenge myself with different projects and often have a few on the go at once.

This recent obsession has found me adoring designs, fabrics, vintage, new age and so many inspirational crafty things.  I also seem to be spending a whole lot of time ogling over fabrics online and in the stores lol.

One of my favourite things to do is to browse other crafters blogs and read about what they have made and what they love about the world of crafting.  Until I opened my eyes and started looking I had no idea how many wonderfully talented people were out there.  It's incredible and awe inspiring!  I really have become quite addicted to blogging.

I believe colours and textures open up a whole new world of creation......it simply is unlimited and goes as far as anyones imagination. 

So for now I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes and I thank you for staying a while! x

To succeed......

you need to find something to hold onto,

something to motivate you,

something to inspire you.

- Tony Dorsett.