Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To the Market . . . to the market . . .

Woohoo . . . . my book finally arrived. This week after reading one of my favourite blogs Gussy Sews I took her advice and got myself a new wealth of Knowledge.  I invested!!!! . . . in a book called The Handmade Market Place - how to sell your crafts locally, globally and online.  I am not even halfway through and already learning so much about branding, pricing, knowing and marketing your product.  I definately recommend it for those already in business and especially those starting out like me.

I also decided to indulge in a fun project over the last week.  My inspiration comes from my daughters bedroom floor would you believe.  Well . . . . those mothers out there that are constantly cleaning up after their little treasures (aren't we all)  will understand. So, my joyous task was to put together a pretty 'Wash Me' bag.  We end up with a constant pile of laundry on her floor, which seems to grow.  In every direction, I might add LOL.  And would you believe it's an absolute hit!!!  I just need to put in the handle snaps and it's ready to hang - she can't get it up fast enough to enjoy piling her laundry in.  Good on ya mum!!

The front has a really good size hole for dropping that laundry into . . .

and easy access at the back rear using poppers to empty

Now onto the search for some Harry Potter and Transformers fabric for my nephew's Wash Me bags.

Till next time xox