Thursday, March 31, 2011

Designer Lapcloths

Over the past week and a half I have found myself shackled to my sewing room only coming up for a little air and food every now and then . . . not alot else has been getting done.  Not that i'm complaining about not doing housework lol

The reason for my hibination is that i've been madly working on a new design of Lapcloth for all the spinners out there!  and anyone else who may use them for their crafting.  I'm super excited to soon be placing these in my Etsy store.

French Blue is my first addition to A Krafty Catch on Etsy.  More gorgeous designs will soon be added to my french inspired collection.

its so pretty!!

In the spinning industry lapcloths need to be hardy, therefore, I have made these with cotton drill each side.  One side white and one side black to allow for wool contrast.  A spinner needs to see what they are spinning . . . and carding.

As one of my early designs, I created this one framed on three sides. (kindly donated to my mum)

I'm completely inlove with this fabric!!

Well . . . its back to 'The Hub' for me, tons of sewing to do!!

Thanks for reading :)

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