Sunday, May 22, 2011

Block Quilt

I'm so excited I have finally started my very first quilt!!!  I'm starting with a basic block quilt with some of my favourite fabrics I have here at home - however, a trip to spotlight is inevitable . . . . i'm running out lol.

I decided when I started this quilt to not use a pattern and go with my creative imagination . . . whatever comes to mind is what I will make.  It may be simple or it may not . . . but i'm going to roll with it and see what comes about!

So far I have made up three blocks and joined them up to create a panel.  I'm planning on joining it with a panel of the same design however they will sit opposite to each other.  I will have to show you what I mean when I have sewn that section together.

This is what I have so far . . .

I'm loving the centrepiece for this panel

This is the first panel I put together

The colours of this panel the complement the centre so well!

And just last night I put these panels together, joined with a simple floral fabric.  So all up the centre of my quilt will consist of two of these long panels, with much more to come.  I am yet to decide whether im going to add a piece down the middle of them or simple sew them together as is.  Time will tell . . . .

Till next time . . . . Happy Sewing!!!

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