Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beautiful days

What a fabulous and joyful day it has been today!!  I awoke this morning to glorious blue skies and warm sun showering everything in sight - what a way to start the day!  I even allowed my body an extra hour of rejuvenation under the warm covers before meeting with the days tasks.

Speaking of tasks . . . . with the weather so beautiful I took to some gardening.  We have a small garden area at the back of where I live, however, its has become a little taken over by the plants that are growing in there and have been untended for quite some time.  I started with a little trim here . . . and a little trim there, but before I knew it I was enjoying myself so much I decided to completely remove the plants which were past their time and make way for some new ones.  I now have an area of my garden which has all my plants and herbs nestled in so they can too have the beautiful morning sun.  It's so lovely to see them all together.

I must say that was the absolute highlight of my day . . . and great to be in the sunshine and fresh air.

What was the highlight of your day today?

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