Monday, August 1, 2011

Going Janome . . .

Well, today was such an exciting day for me!! . . . it was the first day of sewing with my brand new Janome sewing machine . . . and she purr's like a kitten!!  I love that it's so shiny, smooth and silent . . . oh and did I mention its digital!  Ahhh . . . modern technology LOL

It was so fantastic to thread new bobbins, play, enjoy some stress free sewing and finish off some products that had been waiting patiently for the 'goods' to arrive.

Now that I have this little girl at my finger tips, I can get cracking on some serious sewing!

Ciao for now ...


  1. Oh it looks lovely! Hope you are enjoying your new machine! I love my Janome, but it's going to be 20 this year! lol

    1. Thanks Mandy, yes it's absolutely wonderful to sew with. I'm loving it!! :)

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