Monday, February 14, 2011

All things nice ...

After spending months of making bags for Christmas pressies, I decided it was time to make a little something just for me.  This blue would have to be one of my favourite colours.  It's so calming and the birds give it a sense of freedom.  

I also decided to make the top section a little unique to me.  I have a jar of buttons that i've collected from Thift shops around our local area, so I picked out some pretty blue, clear and opaque that go nicely together.  I also dragged out some embroidery thread in a nice teal and stitched a couple of words that are real to me "live" and "love".  Firstly though I drew out my cross stitch wording on a spare piece of paper to make sure the letters all worked together.  Then I set to work stitching.  I also wanted a very natural look to this bag, so I used linen, which worked perfectly for my cross stitched lettering.  Once my lettering was complete, I hot glued my buttons in place and added my large decorative button.

And Hey Presto .... my own special bag!!


  1. A rather useful bag. You'll have such fun using this one.

  2. I think your bag is just lovely. Beautiful harmony between the fabric,buttons and stitching.