Friday, February 25, 2011

Tea for two

I have to share with you all this gorgeous little place I discovered yesterday in town.  Its called 'The Tea Club' and it is so quaint ... like stepping into another world where fairies dance and magic surrounds.  I can't believe I have lived here for a year and have never been into this place!

After spending a soothing couple of hours sitting in the garden having tea the rest of the world just drifted away.  It really was like being in another world.  The energy in the garden really was like being in a magical fairy garden.  Just what I needed!

After ordering the most delicious baked cheesecake I was served a beautiful chai tea with the most incredible teapot.  I have to show you this teapot because I just loved it so much.  The were really quite heavy, but oh so special.

They tell me that you can actually purchase these from The Tea Club ... I believe they will soon be making another sale :) or two .. or three .. or four ..

isn't it devine!!

and here's our little tea party ...

this is some of the garden ...

this lamp post reminded me of the one from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe .... 

it just seemed to have the same magical energy

So that was the highlight of my week.  A beautiful tea party in a beautiful and magical garden that I will definately visit again soon ...

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