Monday, October 18, 2010

Tides of emotion

Have you ever noticed how Mother Nature reflects your emotions….whether you like it or not!

My realisation of this came to me this morning during my morning walk along the beach.   After hitting the sand with my dog beside me to soak up some clean and fresh air…..I found myself connecting with what the tides had created.   The normally serene and tranquil beach was littered with smelly seaweed, washed up bits and pieces scattered all over the sand, and waves that spoke to me with turmoil in their voice.  This was a direct reflection of how I woke up feeling.  Inner turmoil, disillusioned and scattered. 

The question I then found myself facing was……..did I create this external experience through my personal emotions?  Well, it certainly felt that way for me.  It got me to thinking….how I would I feel if the beach was as pristine as it had been the other day, when the water was calm, the sand was clear of debris and the people I encountered greeted me with a friendly smile.  Clarity and connected!  This realisation brought my train of thought back around to identifying with my emotions, changing my thought process completely.   I had moved my mind back in to a state of positivity.  In light of this, I asked myself,  Is it all about awareness?  The ability to be emotionally aware enough, that you can change your perception and therefore adjust your surroundings.  Food for thought.

Perhaps we can all learn by looking around each day and seeing what we are surround by, is it cluttering our perception or is it bringing us a sense of peace.  I believe if we could all take just one moment a day to ask ourselves this and let the realisation unfold we would all have a greater sense of fulfilment and have taken another step to self-acceptance.  Take some time to ponder…What reality have you created today?

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