Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lisa Lam and The Bag Making Bible

I have to share this book with you - The Bag Making Bible!!

Recently I was blogging away, loving others blogs when I came across Lisa Lam's blog 'UHandblog'.  Fueled with a current passion for making handbags it was fantastic to read and see anothers creations.  At the time I wasn't aware I was going to buy her new book, but I do remember reading somewhere about a bag book being put together.

So... I was in town the other day on the hunt for some fresh inspiration...tips, tricks and the like, when I wandered into a bookstore.  Low and behold what was directly in front of me on the shelf....yep...you guessed it, The Bag Making Bible.  So of course it was the first book for me to pick up!  The illustrations were so fantastic and she has displayed instructions in such an easy to follow manner, that anyone can follow them.

Now, I must of stood in that bookstore for an eternity just admiring the pages and soaking up the words and creative energy that radiated from her book. 

All the way down to her foreward from Amy Butler is adoring.  What an honour to be spoken of with such admiration.

With my new purchase under my arm I left town with an enthusiasm to create, create, create.  Excursion successful!!!

This book really is a true gem!  If you love to make handbags or anything for that matter I absolutely recommend you add this one to your bookshelf.

If you would like to purchase this book you can do so on Lisa's blog  http://u-handbag.typepad.com/

Happy Reading!! 

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