Saturday, September 4, 2010

HomeMade Dining!

This project came about while I was fussing in the kitchen, in my own world…of course….mind-mapping my way through ideas and designs of things I wanted to make - when my eyes took to my dining table….my boring…..drab….dining table!! Hmmm  Struck!  “I will make a dining and runner set” I thought to myself.  And that was that….I was off to Spotlight again to find the fabric I wanted.

After some searching through many different rolls of fabric and all the clearance sales….I came across this lovely warm and earthy fabric which felt just right for winter.   Now this is a very simple project that anyone can easily run up, however, I have learnt that I need to do some work on my ‘straight’ sewing!! LOL.  I decided to make my place mats a little more square than usual which was made very easy as the pattern is all straight lines.  I simply cut down the middle of the sections (between them)that I wanted.  Then continued on to sew two straight lines all the way the around the edge of each mat, leaving 1/4” seam allowance, then frayed the edges – loads of fun but messy…!

However, note to self!…next time zigzag instead of straight stitch.

Moving on to the table runner, I cut the fabric to my preferred length  (approx 1.2mtrs).  Then straight stitched all the way around to stop it fraying while I was working with it.   I turned under the edges of the long sides 1/4” and zigzagged all the way around again for firm holding, then frayed the ‘short’ edges.

Now… no dinner party is complete without a place for the wine glasses clinked among the guests of your  table …so…onto the coaster.  These are an excellent  finishing touch.  All you need to do is cut out small squares, (which was easy with the fabric I used as I just cut around each colour), zigzag all edges and then fray.

And hey presto…'re done… let the clinking and good times begin!!!

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