Saturday, September 4, 2010

Intro in a shoe box...

My life took a complete right angle about five years ago when I became a single parent to my now six year old daughter.  I have come to believe that the biggest falls result in the greatest risings.  Along my journey I have experienced abandonment which has taught me strength and courage, falling in love and losing it showed me that I do have the love within me, parenting alone trained me to believe in myself and that the sweet innocent smile of a child can wash away all your worries…even if only for a moment…that moment is worth it!  And after all this and much much more that is too deep to go into here…..I have finally reached a place in my journey where I can look up and actually say out loud “the world is my oyster, and I nowchoose’ to do what ‘I’ want”.  And in light of this ‘choosing’…which I might add, is the best feeling in the world, you will come across all sorts of things on my blog that will make you think, possibly go all warm and fuzzy (which personally I hope you do!), there will be ‘ah ha’ moments…and well, we all know how good those are lol, and finally if you are reading this and can relate then my writing has been absolutely worthwhile and my work to inspire and support someone else has been achieved.

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